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Tranquila Baby Sleep Nest

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Tranquila Baby Sleep Nest

Tranquila Baby Sleep Nest

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Designed To Mimic A Mother’s Womb To Create The Most Comfortable Sleep For Babies!

All parents love their babies and are eager to be with them to see their first moments in life. But the one thing that every parent dread is the constant crying of their babies.

No matter how much love and care they feel for them, it gets overwhelming at times.

Especially when they have to wake up in the middle of the night to calm their babies and put them back to sleep.

With Tranquila™, you and your baby can sleep in peace without worrying about their tantrums or anxiety.


Say Goodbye To Cries

Tranquila™ is an extremely comfy baby hammock that puts a pause on the constant cry of any baby.

Made from soft, stretchable, and, breathable materials, Tranquila™ will calm any baby down, no matter how agitated they are.

It works by mimicking the free-floating sensation of being in the womb, which is a natural relaxant for babies.

The stitching allows for sufficient airflow without letting the temperature get too high or low.

Tranquila™ effortlessly gives babies and parents the peace of mind they need throughout the day.


Astounding Benefits

✅ Calms babies down from crying and tantrums
✅ Reduces the risk of SIDS
✅ Relieves separation anxiety preventing babies from waking up at night
✅ Provides optimal airflow for babies
✅ Soothes feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension
✅ Promotes feelings of comfort by simulating pre-natal state



  1. Attach each of the four straps on the baby crib.
  2. Make sure that the straps are securely fastened to the crib.
  3. You’re ready to lay the baby on the hammock for a relaxed time.


Material: Cotton and Mesh

Size: 104 x 76 cm

Age Range: 0-12 months

Available Colors: Blue / Dark Blue / Grey


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