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BrightRise Tinker Play Kit

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BrightRise Tinker Play Kit

BrightRise Tinker Play Kit

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“My grandson is very bright and goes from one thing to another with great curiosity. He had been curious about my screwdriver or wrench so I thought it would be good to have his own set to practice. He treasures the wooden tray and all that is in it. It occupies him for quite a while. Get this if you have a curious little one!!"

— Doris Warren.   



The Perfect Play Kit for Growing Minds! 🧠

Our Tinker Play Kit allows kids to explore using a child-sized version of household items which will allow kids to fully engage in their imaginative imitation of daily life and build real-life skills as well.

Inspire kids on how to handle daily trivia initially while helping to develop independence and thinking skills.

✅ Kickstart creativity and curiosity
✅ Ignite and nurture a love for building things
✅ Multiple ways to play with sensory activities
✅ Develops hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills
✅ Child Friendly - Safe design with smooth corners

Learn About And Develop Basic Life Skills 🛠️🧒🏼

Safety and Quality

- Great toy to encourage child's independence and learning. The board has all shapes of screws, each with its own matching screwdriver.

This will not only teach them how things go together but also to use nuts and bolts toys for toddlers! 

Skills Development

- Teach useful skills like hand-eye coordination, dexterity, problem-solving, and social skills with this fun toy! 

Our Tinker Play Kit comes with complete screws in different shapes and sizes so you can teach them how to work on real-life tasks.

Innovative And Educational

teach kids how to fix many household items. Keep your little tinkerers busy and let them fix things. Our Tinker Play Kit encourages their tinkering instincts. 

The Right Gift

- Our Tinker Play Kit is a great gift idea for any child who loves to explore, learn and play.

It's full of simple-to-use sensory bin toys with a design that makes it easy for kids to use them on their own or in pairs. 


Open-Ended Toy To Learn Basic Skills

"Our Tinker Play Kit is a very educational toy as it can encourage practical life skills, communication and language, problem-solving skills, cognitive development, and more!"

🛠️ Ignite children’s imagination.
🛠️ Boost hand-eye coordination.
🛠️ Improve intelligence and patience.
🛠️ Helps children learn how to use tools.
🛠️ Improve fine motor skills.




Really an optimal gift for any holiday like a birthday, Christmas as well as Easter. Also can be sent as a reward or teaching aid.

Our Tinker Play Kit set is sure to be one of a kind showing to your little guys and let them learn while having fun playing. Great for boys and girls toys as gifts.


Practice Real-Life Skills

Our toys ignite curiosity, create understanding, and promote real-world skills development!

Promote Creativity

Spark the imagination of kids by exploring & discovering interesting concepts 

Object Awareness

Gain an understanding of spatial awareness and interaction through active object exploration. Active exploration develops coordination, self-confidence, and cognitive thinking skills  


LOVED BY 200,000+ Parents Worldwide

Brightrise has delivered over 200,000+ packages of joy. The world needs a lot of big ideas. And we’ve decided to start small.

There’s a reason we’ve been featured in NY Times, USA Today, Time Magazine Kids, Tinkle & Scholastic.


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