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The Creative Mouse™ 3-in-1 Drawing Projector Lamp

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The Creative Mouse™ 3-in-1 Drawing Projector Lamp

The Creative Mouse™ 3-in-1 Drawing Projector Lamp

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Are You Tired Of Watching Your Children Spend Hours In Front Of The Tv, Cell Phone, Or Tablet?

Children these days have difficulties concentrating, learning and are unable to carry out school activities on their own.

We brought the perfect solution to these problems! Introducing a new fun and innovative way of playing and learning for kids.


Just switch on the projector, insert a slide, and your child can draw along the projected picture on a drawing book using colorful watercolor pens to paint it!

Let your children express themselves artistically and let them enhance their creativity and imagination while playing.

3-in-1 Toy Designed to Kickstarts Creativity and Curiosity 

Coloring Projection Lamp

Does your child scribble all over the house? Our projector lamp is the perfect tool to bring out the creative side in children by tracing different objects such as animals, fruits, and even ancient creatures like dinosaurs! 

✅ Study Lamp

Need some school work done? Remove the projector slides and Creative Mouse turns into a study lamp! 

✅ Wall Projecting Torch

Introduce your child to different Animals, Plants, Colors, and much more! Our 3 slides have up to 30 images that can be used to project on the wall. This is perfect for bedtime stories! Or just a fun way for your child to learn new concepts.



Develop Coordination Through Play

The best way to encourage your kid to improve their hand-eye coordination is through playing with this educational toy.

Because it allows your kid to practice reaching objects where they can naturally learn how to hold a pen and how to draw while they practice their sketching skills using this drawing projector.

Through repeated learning, the more it becomes easier for them to grow and develop this skill.



Great Gift To Explore Kids Creativity

Spark your little artist's creative thinking using this cute projector!

Not only they can learn sketching skills but they can also immerse themselves to stay longer doing the activity because it can play music to engage them to trace, draw, and color more!

Give them this educational gift for their birthday, holiday, or any day where you want to surprise your kid to make them feel happy!


Teach Your Kid To Identify Colors

With over 12 watercolor pens to use for coloring and 24 different images to project, your kid can easily identify and remember colors as they paint through cute animals, vehicles, and more images that are available on the slides!

The creativity level your child can develop is limitless when they play and learn using this toy



1 x Creative Mouse™ Projector Lamp

3 x Projector Slides

1 x Desk Stamp

1 x Neck Carry Sling

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