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FlyingGoose Soothing Sleeping Pillow + FREE Hug Belt

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FlyingGoose Soothing Sleeping Pillow + FREE Hug Belt

FlyingGoose Soothing Sleeping Pillow + FREE Hug Belt

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"I absolutely LOVE this soothing pillow! I never write reviews but I had to for this time. This pillow is a lifesaver for our 3-month-old. She would not sleep anywhere but our arms at night for 3 months - we purchased the other loungers/pillows out there...but this pillow is gold!

Serious lifesaver, I can actually put her down in this lounger and feel relieved. She’s the cutest when she snuggles her head and body to get comfy in it!! I wish I had bought this sooner!"
- Claire W. 

SLEEP WELL Knowing Your Baby is Resting Comfortably!

☑️ Improves baby's sleep quality
☑️ Gives the sense of calmness by hugging it
☑️ Super soft cloud hug belt provides great support & safety
☑️ Designed to give better sleep throughout the night

**Free Cloud Hug Belt Worth $25 If You Shop Today!**

Mimics The Mother's Touch & Scent

☑️ Designed to Mimic the mommy hug
☑️ Shape of the pillow brings the snug touch
☑️ Absorbs surrounding scents 

Note: To fully utilize the pillow, we advise mommies to sleep with the pillow for at least a week to scent the pillow so that the baby will recognize the mommy’s scent.

Your Childs New Cuddle Buddy & Sleeping Companion

☑️ Perfect sleeping companion for your baby
☑️ The fluffy plush toy appeals to all ages
☑️ Toddlers will love to carry their pillow once they grow up

Soothing The Little One: Feeling Safe & Calming

☑️ Soothe babies against noise & movement that startle them
☑️ White goose symbolizes purity, beauty, and safety
☑️ Anxiety & Stress Reliever: for your child and you!
☑️ Adds the right amount of pressure on the baby's abdomen to relieve gastrointestinal flatulence

Limited Time Offer: Get Our Free Cloud Hug Belt Worth $25 If You Shop Today!

Feels Like Sleeping On Clouds

☑️ Highly stretchable and breathable
☑️ Supportive & Anti-deformation material (cotton)
☑️ Machine Washable and Durable Cover
☑️ Ideal Gift For Kids!



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