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EZ Brush: 3 Sided Electric Toothbrush

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EZ Brush: 3 Sided Electric Toothbrush

EZ Brush: 3 Sided Electric Toothbrush

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Have Your Child Looking Forward To Brushing Their Own Teeth... Guaranteed!

Get your time (and sanity) back the fast way, with the one brush that has your child brushing their teeth all on their own.... and cleaner than you ever thought possible!

 Takes The Guesswork Out of Brushing ...In Only 60 Seconds!
Brilliant u-shaped '3 sided brush' design scrubs all surfaces at once giving you a 'dentist clean' smile in only 60 seconds, making it easy for your child to brush their own teeth fast.

 Sensory Forward Design Means It Will Feel Good In Your Child’s Hand
Pliable soft silicone that molds to your child’s hand comfortably makes it easy to grip safely which means you'll both be happy.

 Replaces Your Current Toothbrush Without Taking Up More Space
We know that precious real estate around the bathroom sink is sacred. The brush’s rechargeable battery lasts up to an entire month on a single charge, so you don't have all those extra wires and charging docs to worry about either... all at a fraction of what other high-end electric compact toothbrushes cost.

The EZ Brush makes it easy for parents to get their child to brush his or her own teeth even when everything else they've tried hasn't worked.

Get the amazing EZ Brush, sensory therapy toothbrush for 50% off for just $35.99 and we'll send you the following 2 Free Gifts!

EZ Brush, sensory therapy toothbrush 50% off today just $35.99 ($71.99) plus...

 FREE Two Reusable Brush Heads
FREE USB 'EZ Charge' Charging Cable



"I ordered every toothbrush you could find and he wanted NOTHING to do with any of them. I came across this toothbrush and figured why not. Best mommy move ever! He's in love with it and has even started brushing on his own."

-Claire P.
Former Stressed-Out Mom of a Former-Stressed Out Child who now looks forward to brushing his teeth all by himself.
Right now you can get the amazing EZ Brush, sensory therapy toothbrush for 50% off for just $35.99 and we'll send you the following 2 Free Gifts!

EZ Brush, sensory therapy toothbrush: (Value $71.99) plus...
 FREE (2) Reusable Brush Heads (Valued at $39)
FREE USB 'EZ Charge' Charging Cable (Valued at $19)
That is a total value of over $129.99, but you will get everything today for just $35.99!

Our 'Better Than The Tooth Fairy'...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you purchase the EZ Brush, sensory therapy toothbrush, show it to your child, and they don't begin looking forward to and loving brush time you deserve your money back.
If you do not see an instant improvement on how much easier and less stressful your life becomes we will refund all your money.

Simply send us an email at and we will promptly and kindly issue you a full refund, no questions asked!

Hurry! We're Only Giving Away 500 At This Special Price...

Dear Sensory Parents,

I'm really excited to offer 500 EZ Brushes at this special price as our way of introducing you to

By far, this is one of the most effective tools to effectively clean your child's teeth without struggles, and it's safer and faster too!

In fact, one of the great things about EZ Brush is it promotes independence.

And thank's to its unique u-shaped design, it guarantees a deep clean so you can stop worrying if your child is doing a good job and start celebrating what a good job BOTH of you are doing!

It's priced at a fraction of what other expensive electric toothbrushes cost, but it actually does a better job because it's designed specifically with a sensory brusher in mind.

So far, we have already shipped more than 252 EZ Brushes in the last few days, and we are QUICKLY running out, so grab yours now while supplies last.

Happy Brushin' :)

Founder, BrightRise

PS: If you're tired of your child going through meltdowns before brush time, or being unable to clean their teeth effectively, you'll be amazed at the improvement of using the EZ Brush after just one brush.


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