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The BRIGHTscope™ Portable STEM Microscope

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The BRIGHTscope™ Portable STEM Microscope

The BRIGHTscope™ Portable STEM Microscope

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Perfect Toy for Cultivating And Developing a Love for Science in Your Kids

☑️ Encourages creativity, observation, and curiosity
☑️ Set your child up for success by making learning enjoyable
☑️ Must have hands-on learning tool for young scientists


Explore and Discover the Unseen Microscopic World

☑️ Beat the screen culture
☑️ Teach them how to enjoy life beyond technology
☑️ Provides hours of fun and creativity!
☑️ Kickstart science curiosity at the right age



Unleash Your Kids Creative Side with BRIGHTScope

Let’s make STEM exciting for your kids. Learn about microbiology and discover how a microscope works with

The BrightRise portable microscope is an award-winning product used in classrooms around the world.

The BRIGHTscope™ brings science to life in a fun and interactive way your kids will love.


Why Should You Choose BRIGHTscope?

☞ Designed by Adults, Made For Kids

Our pocket microscope allows your kid to explore the mysteries of the world. With our easy-to-read manual, your child can master this pocket microscope in 3 minutes or less. It's simple enough for all ages to enjoy with The BRIGHTscope!

☞ Perfect Magnification For Young Scientists

BRIGHTScopes adjustable eyepiece and objective lens makes it easy to use, even for kids not used to microscopes. With up to 40x magnification, your kids’ view of the microscopic world will be crystal-clear and stunning. 


 Use it From The Comfort of Your Home

The BRIGHTscope is the perfect way to introduce your little scientist to their world! Simply point the microscope at anything indoors (furniture, bedsheets, and carpets) or outdoors (grass, leaves, bugs, and more).

It's a fun and easy way for your little one to explore the hidden worlds around them. 



☞ The BRIGHTscope™  

1 x BrightScope Portable Microscope
1 x Phone Connector
1 x Instruction Manual

 The BRIGHTscope™ Pro 2.0

1 x BrightScope Pro Portable Microscope
1 x Specimen Holder
1 x Phone Mount Connector

1 x Instruction Manual



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