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The Explorer Play Kit + FREE Carrot Teether

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The Explorer Play Kit + FREE Carrot Teether

The Explorer Play Kit + FREE Carrot Teether

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“My daughter loves being able to figure out her new toys for herself and The Harvest Play Kit is perfect for her to be able to do that!”

— Jill M.  (Mother of 2)



Your toddler may be finding their voice and their special place in the world.

Our Harvest Wooden Memory Play Kit offers new challenges in balance, object permanence, and spatial awareness, as well as an early introduction to physics.

🥕 Learn fun lessons in cause and effect
🥕 Build fine motor skills with BIG ACTUAL SIZE VEGGIES!
🥕 Get more comfortable with routines and time
🥕 Explore rotation, spatial relationships, and parts of a whole
🥕 Age Recommendation: 6+ Months Old


Say No To Harmful Screen Time - Say Yes To Harvesting Carrots! 

Our Harvesting Memory Play Kit is a new and unique learning toy for your little one. 

Designed to keep your toddlers attention for hours on end - while developing important life skills 

🥕 Improves memory and intelligence
🥕 Boosts hand-eye combination
🥕 Enhances the thinking IQ level 
🥕 Expands color and shape recognition



So How Do You Play This Fun Game?

1. Be the pretend farmer and help your farmer friend to plow colorful radishes/carrots (try keeping in mind where they're planted). 

2. Let them grow while you count them! (Improve your kid's math skills woohoo!) 

3. Pluck and harvest the carrots based on the memory cards from the super realistic farm landscape

We also have two more super fun games - Two to Tango and Help The Chef!


Start the development journey today! 👶 👧 🧒

Engage your baby in sensory exploration through our Harvest Wooden Memory Play Kit 🧠


Tested & Safe For Kids 12+ Months Old 


Recommended by Dr. Neil Mode - Pediatric Therapist

“The Harvest Play Kit is the go-to toy for active learning times and creativity. 90% of babies will develop motor skills faster while having fun."

“One of the best investments I’ve made as a mom.” 

— Cat K. (Mother of 3) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Promote Creativity

Spark the imagination of kids with techniques for exploring and discovering interesting concepts opening up a new world of possibilities!

Build Fine Motor Skills

Improve kids' cognition and fine motor skills while playing and having fun

Object Awareness

Gain an understanding of spatial awareness and interaction through active object exploration. Active exploration develops coordination, self-confidence, and cognitive thinking skills

Practice Real-Life Skills

Our toys ignite curiosity, create understanding, and promote the development of real-world skills!


What Do You Get?

- 1 x Wooden Base Farm

- 24 x Veggies

- 8 x Memory Flashcards

- 1 x Farmer Figure Toy




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There’s a reason we’ve been featured on NY Times, USA Today, Time Magazine Kids, Tinkle & Scholastic.



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