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BrightRise DinoBuild™ DIY Set

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BrightRise DinoBuild™ DIY Set

BrightRise DinoBuild™ DIY Set

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Recommended by Dr. Neil Mode - Pediatric Therapist

“BrightRise DinoBuild™ DIY Set is the go-to toy for active learning times and creativity. 90% of kids will develop fine motor skills and creativity faster while having fun."

This DIY DinoBuild Set is the Perfect Gift for Any Dinosaur Loving Kid! 

Let their imaginations run wild while they build & discover! 🧠 💡

Give kids a sense of empowerment and control over their imagination and ingenuity.


Our DinoBuild™ Set is easy to assemble and helps your kid develop creative problem-solving and communication skills while having fun!

☑️ Sense of Ownership: They are the creator of their Dino Land! Nothing beats this sense of achievement after completing our DinoBuild™ Set.

☑️ Development Projects: Developmental toy that not only teaches your child about shape recognition but also expands their cognitive imagination.

☑️ Boosts hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and spatial skills

Develop Real-Life Skills

Ignite curiosity, create understanding, & promote the development of real-world skills!



Spark your child’s imagination and creativity with our all-inclusive dinosaur track set!

This ultra-fun DinoBuild™ DIY Set is super-easy to assemble, so you can spend less time building and more time racing!

Especially if you want your little one to spend less time watching TV or playing video games!

Promote Creativity

Spark the imagination of kids by building & exploring interesting concepts like our DinoBuild™ Set



Unlimited possibilities and combinations on what can be built - provides positive stimulation for the growing minds of your little ones! 

☑️ Includes stunning dino pieces that you can interlock and create an amazing race track that your little boy or girl will absolutely love!

☑️ Made of high quality scratch-proof materials 

Object Awareness

Gain an understanding of spatial awareness and interaction through active object exploration. Active exploration develops coordination, self-confidence, and cognitive thinking skills



This STEM-based toy kit will allow your child to build his own dinosaur and feel that sense of accomplishment!

☑️  Turn every day into a party with our dino track set

☑️ Gives a sense of empowerment and control over their imagination and ingenuity

    Product Specifications:

    • Material: ABS
    • Package Dimensions: 10.5*3.46*7.24 inch
    • Suitable age: 3 years old and above

    Package Includes: 

    3 in 1 Package:

    - 3 x Take Apart Dinosaur Toys (Tyrannosaurus Rex & Triceratops & Velociraptor)

    - 1 x Electric Dinosaur Drill with

    - 2 x Different drill bits

    - Instruction Manual

    4 in 1 Package: 

    - 4 x Take Apart Dinosaur Toys (Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops)

    - 1 x Electric Dinosaur Drill

    - 2 x different drill bits

    - 4 x manual screwdrivers

    - Instruction Manual


    If for any reason you aren't satisfied, We offer an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee, so there's absolutely ZERO RISK buying from Bright Rise - please send us an email if you need any assistance.


    "This is a very giftable item that is also sturdy and durable. We built this set with the entire family and it was an amazing experience. My kids are obsessed with it!! Great quality and are highly recommended." 

    - Helen T. (California, USA)

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