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BrightRise Cudl Baby Support Pillow

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BrightRise Cudl Baby Support Pillow

BrightRise Cudl Baby Support Pillow

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Enjoy the Baby Support Pillow Designed By Doctors

Our Baby Support Pillow is specially designed to cradle your baby’s head and neck in just the right position when sleeping. 

Making sure your child's head is supported correctly by distributing pressure evenly is extremely important.

❌ Positional Asphyxiation occurs when an infant can't get enough air to breathe due to positioning. 

This happens most often in infants when an infant is found in a position where its mouth and nose are blocked. Recommended Age (0-12 Months)

✅ Our Cudl™ Pillow is designed to prevent this from happening while providing maximum protection!

Why Your Baby Needs THIS

✓ Prevents Flat Head Syndrome – The ergonomic design provides a soft yet supportive cushion to help combat this common problem.

 Enhances Their Comfort – Designed to imitate the shape of a mother’s womb, this bed cradles your baby more than standard beds & cots.

 It’s Doctor Recommended – Working alongside some of the best paediatric osteopaths, we’ve designed a bed that’s clinically proven to help your baby relax.

 Enhances Your Baby’s Growth – Encourage independency from their mother’s arms, and reducing high stress levels with a safe cradle design, this pillow will make your baby’s first few months more enjoyable.




A Doctors Testimonial...

“I’ve recommended Cudl™ to clients with babies suffering from reflux, and to prevent flattening of the soft bones of the skull. It’s safe and sturdy but comfy for a small baby. I’ve even taken to using one in the clinic as it keeps babies snug during their osteopathic sessions.”

– Kate Bernstein, Paediatric Osteopath


☑️ Evenly distribute the pressure on the baby’s skull so that the baby’s head shape is perfect.

☑️ Provides maximum protection for your baby’s head and neck


☑️ Outside high and low inside, fit the baby’s head curve, evenly wraps the head.

☑️ Protects baby’s head when in a stroller.

☑️ Prevents your baby’s head from slumping down or sideways.


Pediatrician designed head-rest distributes pressure evenly over the skull and neck.

This helps baby develop the proper head shape and prevents the risk of flat-head syndrome.


To help with baby’s digestive discomfort, an adjustable positioning cushion raises the legs of your little one.


Feels Like Resting On Clouds

☑️ Made of soft & breathable material that is very comfortable
☑️ Super Soft, Skin Friendly and Warm

☑️ Soothes babies against noise & movement that startle them
☑️ Ideal Gift For Kids!


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There’s a reason we’ve been featured on NY Times, USA Today, Time Magazine Kids, Tinkle & Scholastic.



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